You Should See These Five Paintings Before the Going Mad


Hello Apple! If you have intended to go crazy soon, please do not hurry. Because you should see these paintings before that and you should know that I will not analyze the paintings, I will give a few informations about them. If you like the paintings, I can analyze each of them in future.

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Have You Ever Seen an Orc?


Hello Apple! If you did not watch or read The Lord the Rings, do not get into a flap. Orcs are everywhere, I am sure, we could find an orc that you could like. Let’s find your Orc then! I’ll show you some examples.

Most people have a false impression about Orcs. They think that the character-Orc takes part in only LOTR, but the truth is different. As every LOTR fan knows, Tolkien‘s world mostly comes from the mythology and this is not just Greek or Scandinavian, he also utilised some writer’s or poet’s own mythology. Read More »