Lamentation of Christ – Andrea Mantegna (1431-1506)


Hello Apple! Don’t you think that one of the most famous religious character in the history of art is Jesus Christ? Probably; yes, you do! There are a lot of texts, paintings and songs about Christ. Today, we will analyze one of them; Lamentation of Christ.

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What Does Prometheus Show Us?


Hello Apple! Did you ever read or watch something about Prometheus before? Probably yes, you did! But, do you know what does Prometheus symbolize?

Firstly, we have to know that Prometheus is an ancient character and titan in Greek mythology even though his fame is a bit complicated because of several books, movies or articles. However, we could not incarcerate him in only one meaning. He is not just a titan or god, he is also one of the significant character for the humankind. Because of that, both his story and meaning was used many times in the all field of the art.

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