The Subtext of the Cartoon Tom and Jerry


Hello Apple! Predictably, the most famous cartoon in the world is likely Tom and Jerry. But this cartoon is not for only children as opposed to popular belief. We just see a mouse and cat but actually there are a lot of historical messages in the cartoon. That was what I tell you, see you then!

No, no I am just joking. Let’s continue.

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Short History of the Book

history of the book

Admiror te paries non cecidisse ruinis
qui tot scriptorum taedia sustineas.

Hello Apple! You always read books in your life, right? But, have you ever wondered about its history? If you did, come on then!

Even If invention of the writing is a major innovation for the world history, there is more important invention than it; LITERATURE! The person who invented writing after prehistory period, did not know that he initiates the masterminds, such as Homer, to write. In those years, usage area of writing was so restricted. You know what that means? The people were just writing on tablets or ceramics… I know Apple, you are sad for them, because there was no Harry Potter or LOTR in that age.

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