They Commercialise the Equality


Hello Apple! Is the equality dream for you? Do you believe that everyone is equal? It goes without saying; the people are not equal for now. But I think you will agree, It is not related with the humanity.

In the previous days, I was reading Zamyatin‘s book We and I’ve seen a different perspective about the equality in the book. Maybe you’ve already read it or you’ve never heard of it; everything’s fine.

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You Have to Read These Three Books Before the Suicide


Hello Apple! Life is not always tolerable, I know. We are in need of help from books, movies or songs sometimes but, the thoughts do not let you to ignore something whatever you do or think. Today, I will sugget some books that you have to read, If you feel a bit depressed. One of them will make you more depressed but, you will see that they have the same feeling that you have.

Let’s start then!

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The Prophet of the Future


Hello Apple! I will talk about Albert Caraco today. Do you know him? He was like Nietzsche, but more doomy and desperate.

I’ve met with Albert Caraco 8 years ago and he has come into my life with a huge depressive, hopeless and dark ideas about the life, world and humanity etc. Although he makes me depressive, I’ve always read his book Breviaire du Chaos many times until today. Because If you decide to read it, you will see that he shows the reality of existence with a pure language.Read More »

Have You Ever Seen an Orc?


Hello Apple! If you did not watch or read The Lord the Rings, do not get into a flap. Orcs are everywhere, I am sure, we could find an orc that you could like. Let’s find your Orc then! I’ll show you some examples.

Most people have a false impression about Orcs. They think that the character-Orc takes part in only LOTR, but the truth is different. As every LOTR fan knows, Tolkien‘s world mostly comes from the mythology and this is not just Greek or Scandinavian, he also utilised some writer’s or poet’s own mythology. Read More »