About the Worm!

62Hello World! Don’t you think that It is an ordinary start? Probably yes; you do! But, the life is already a whole of cliche things. Every step follows the next step and you just consider how am I living in this shit, It is impossible. Breathe, breathe and breathe. Walk, walk and walk. It goes without saying; read, read and read. That is why, you do not need to know with whom you are sharing your feelings and thoughts about things in this website. However, we are just here to follow the lines.

Well, what are you going to see here? You’ll see something about ”reading”. Not only reading books but also, you’ll find reading of people, movies, paintings, posters and more. We are going to learn how to read in this website together.

I hope, you’ll enjoy with the Worm!

And you should know that It is just a Worm! The worm that lives under the earth to dig the life. It does not have any name and nationality; besides, a worm does not need any name, nationality and gender Apple, don’t be funny.

So, If you need something, do not hesitate to write to the worm. I’ll leave its e-mail adress to the bottom.

Contact: writetotheworm@gmail.com