Like Olden Times – Cobra Kai


Hello Apple! Have you ever heard of Karate Kid before? Today, I will talk about a TV series which is related with the movie.

In the previous days, I’ve found a TV series which name is Cobra Kai and when I’ve seen its poster, It has given me a vintage sense. Maybe you’ve watched it before, but If you did not yet, I absolutely recommend it to you. Because I am sure, you will feel that sense that I did.

karete-1021x580Firstly, Cobra Kai is like a sequel of Karate Kid and It has been featured on Youtube Red since 2 May 2018. It is telling a story about the boys who faced with each other before. Do you remember them Apple? The mythical kick… Yes, you do! So, we see two different character’s life in TV series again but there is a difference, they do not have any relation with karate anymore.

Our champion(the kickmaster) is a business man now and the other character(the blond hair) is the opposite, he is a loser like the old times. Even though they are not interesting with karate now, they have never forgotten it and they live with the imagination of it. So one day, the loser decides to open a dojo which name is Cobra Kai.

The first student of the dojo is the loser’s next-door neighbor. The neighbor is also a loser in the highschool and he wants to learn karate to become a bad ass and the story starts with this.

Actually I do not tell more about the story not to spoil, but you have to watch this. There are tons of subtext of the daily life, relationships and view of life etc. I am trying to say that karate is being used like a metaphor to criticise the modern society and its norms. Because, If you watch it, you will see a lot of things that the characters are against. For instance, the loser does not know what if Facebook. Or, you will see Guns&Roses, Van Halen etc. The series is full of nostalgia in other words.

Well Apple, If you watch and want to talk about it, please do not hesitate to write to The Worm.

And lastly: Cobra Kai never dies.

-The Worm


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