You Should See These Five Paintings Before the Going Mad


Hello Apple! If you have intended to go crazy soon, please do not hurry. Because you should see these paintings before that and you should know that I will not analyze the paintings, I will give a few informations about them. If you like the paintings, I can analyze each of them in future.

Our first work is by Van Gogh. Have you ever seen his Potato Eaters painting? This painting was drawn at 1885 and now It is exhibited in Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum.

Van Gogh – Potato Eaters

van gogh


The next painting is a bit different than the last one. The name of the painting is Black Square and and it really impressive. It was drawn by Kasimir Malevich and It is just known as ”the picture of nothing”.

Kasimir Malevich – Black Square

black square malevich

The third work is about a wedding. Jan Van Eyck was drawn the picture at 1434 and he called it as The Arnolfili Wedding. This painting is important because the artist putted himself into the mirror within the painting for the first time in the history. Look closer to see him Apple!

Jan Van Eyck – The Arnofili Wedding

arfolinin evlenmesi

”Some are Born to sweet Delight, Some are born to Endless Night…” Yes, you are right, the fourth work is by William Blake. One second, wasn’t he a poet? Yes, he was but he was also a good painter. The name of the painting is ”Dante and Virgil at the Gates of Hell”.

William Blake – Dante and Virgil at the Gates of Hell


The last painting is by Henri-Julien-Félix Rousseau. It was drawn at 1886 and It can be just seen in Philadelphia Museum of Art now.

Henri-Julien-Félix Rousseau – Carnival Evening


Well Apple, have you liked those paintings? If you have any question, please do not hesitate to disturb the worm.

-The Worm


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