Lamentation of Christ – Andrea Mantegna (1431-1506)


Hello Apple! Don’t you think that one of the most famous religious character in the history of art is Jesus Christ? Probably; yes, you do! There are a lot of texts, paintings and songs about Christ. Today, we will analyze one of them; Lamentation of Christ.

Andrea Mantegna was born in Italy-1431, and he was a painter of Renaissance period. He is generally known by his religious paintings and his one of the most famous painting is Lamentation of Christ.

Firstly, the contrast of the painting is a little gloomy. It makes you think this is not a happy scene. Then, we realize that there is a person who lies down. He is sleeping or Is he dead? Stop! Yes, he is obviously dead. Because there is blood on his body and bed lining and also, he has four different scars on his feets and hands. This image makes us think that he is Jesus Christ. But, he is not alone.

As you see in the painting, there are three different characters. On the far left is St. John the Evangelist. As we understand with his hands, he is praying and lamenting for the Christ. Moreover he is really saddened for the death.

The next to John is The Virgin. Actually her rendering is really different. She is quite old and really crestfallen, seeing her son as dead. But we see another figure just beyond the Virgin, she is also Mary Magdalene. Even though we cannot see her face, we understand that she is Magdalene, because on the stone, that Christ lies down, there is a jar of the Magdalene. Do you see that Apple? It stays on right side of Jesus. Actually this painting is not the only one, the jar was used many times by other painters before.

Well Apple, what do you think about this painting? Please do not hesitate to write a comment, If you have any question.

-The Worm


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