An Interpretation About the Poster of the Movie ”GLASS”


Hello Apple! The poster of Glass was presented in the past few days, and the movie’s poster was really fascinating. Today, we will analyze it. You should know that I’ve not watched the trailer before so, I will just focus to the poster.

Before this, I’ve analyzed Venom’s poster and you can read it by clicking on here.

Firstly, we see three different colors on the poster. All of these colors have a different meaning actually. Moreover, there are three different characters on each colors. But, before the characters, I want to explain the meaning of the colors.

Let’s start with the green. When we see the green as a color, we have to understand that there is a purity and mystery. Because, green is always the color of the nature; It is the symbol of tranquility. So, the right character can have a characteristic same as the nature. What do we have to understand with that symbol? We have to understand that the character can disappear. His ability is related with the mystery. Because of the fact that he is linked to the chair. In addition to the color, we see a reflection there. The character on the reflection wears something like a raincoat. This cloth gives him a mysterious image. The other thing about the green character is that there is a kind of gate(I know it is not a gate but it arouses a feeling of that) under the chair. It is also symbolizing its ability of disappearance.

The second character who we analyze, stays on the middle of the poster. His color is between yellow and orange, and it shows that he is really angry person even though he sits normally. Actually his position is a bit jumpy. He causes me to think that he can attack anytime. He is not a trustful person at all. So, he could be the bad ass in the movie. Moreover, his reflection shows that he does not have any tricky ability such as disappearance. His ability comes from the arms and agility, he has to be on the alert every time.

The third character is the purple. He sits on an invalid chair even though his reflection shows the opposite. I believe that he is a mystic and he has an ability about mind reading. He can manipulate people with that ability. But, its color shows that he is not a bad ass like the yellow. He can stay as calm against all the difficulties. On the other hand, his cloth is different then the others. Even though he wears a white t-shirt, we cannot see that on the reflection. All of these make us think that he has a manipulative technique against to the others.

In fact, the characters who sit on the chair, are not important. The main plot is based on the reflections. Probably, they have taken as prisoners in the hospital or somewhere like that, but this hospital cannot hold them as it is written on the poster.

So what do you think about these super heroes Apple? What can the subject be?

If you have any question, please do not ask in the comment.

The Worm.


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