The Subtext of the Cartoon Tom and Jerry


Hello Apple! Predictably, the most famous cartoon in the world is likely Tom and Jerry. But this cartoon is not for only children as opposed to popular belief. We just see a mouse and cat but actually there are a lot of historical messages in the cartoon. That was what I tell you, see you then!

No, no I am just joking. Let’s continue.

tom_and_jerry_on_the_beach__by_marcuscr30s-d9beeftFirstly, I should say that the cartoon is not formed with animation. There is also big and magnificent orchestra that produces the songs of Tom and Jerry behind the scene; plus, there is a large number of working people for the toon without the orchestra. Although there is a great afford both visual and audial, there is also great discussions about the subject of the cartoon. But, why are their name Tom and Jerry? This is important because the names of characters fill the gap in the plot.

8747592When the cartoon was created, the characters names were different. They got the name of Jasper the Cat and Jinx the Mouse but these names, these were not accepted by the public opinion and the cartoon could not be successful and It was not shown on the TV. Then a person named as John Carr suggested a new name for the characters. His suggestion was Tom and Jerry and the cartoon’s name has been accepted since that time. In fact, their names symbolize 2 different countries. Tom and Jerry refers to British and German soldiers in WW-2. This theory is really sensible because we know that the British soldiers were called as Tommies in that time and Its short version was Tom. You see Apple? But, this is not all. Do you know how the British soldiers were calling the German forces? Surely, Jerries. Do you get the picture?

So, the cat Tom, Britian in other word, tries to exclude Jerry from the borders. When we watch the cartoon in this context, we understand that the mouse is a Nazi. Actually we can see a lot of scene about this historical plot. Do you remember the scene that the mouse paints the cat’s face like Hitler? In that scene there is an opposite perspective of the history. Moreover, we see this ambiguity many times in the story, the roles of the characters could be changed sometimes but, this does not change the reality.

Alright Apple, this is the good time to take a smoke from your cannabis. Then you should watch an episode of Tom and Jerry.

If you have any question about the cartoon, please do not hesitate to write a comment. The Worm could tell you more, If you want.

– The Worm


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