You Have to Read These Three Books Before the Suicide


Hello Apple! Life is not always tolerable, I know. We are in need of help from books, movies or songs sometimes but, the thoughts do not let you to ignore something whatever you do or think. Today, I will sugget some books that you have to read, If you feel a bit depressed. One of them will make you more depressed but, you will see that they have the same feeling that you have.

Let’s start then!


My first suggestion is The Tale of the Unknown Island by José Saramago. You may think that the book is for the children but, It is not! The book is about an island that is not discovered yet. Our protagonist believes that there is an island and he wants a ship from the king. He waits to talk with the king in front of the palace day after day. One day, the king decides to talk with him and he tells the world him as an insane person, nevertheless, the king gives the ship to the man. Actually the story tries to show that although no one can believe us, we have to believe our dreams. If we do not, then we are dead.

971670My second suggestion is Diary of a Superfluous Man by Ivan Turgenev. Probably you have read some books from Russian literature or have you heard Oblomov before? If you have heard and loved it, you will also like this book. Because this book comes from the same genre. Actually Superfluous Man is a concept in the Russian literature that is created by Turgenev. You can see its effects in French literature also. Did you read The Stranger by Camus? The Stranger’s character is almost same with Turgenev’s character. This book will teach how not to care about something. Just live and watch Apple!

4359ca719eca08eb0af5df8a9a776803-w204@1xMy third suggestion is A Man Asleep by Georges Perec. This book… I do not know how to describe it. This book will read your soul. It does not have first or third person narration, It speaks to you with second person narration. Actually when I’ve read this, I’ve realized that I have the same feeling with Perec and It was really good meeting in a book. Do you feel unhappy? Then find this book and read it. You are not alone.

Okay Apple, If you need more suggestion, please do not hesitate to write to me via email or in the comment.

The Worm.


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