Jean-Honoré Fragonard – THE SWING

Jean-Honoré Fragonard - THE SWING

Hello Apple! Let’s say, you want to tell something about a forbidden love, how can you describe it? A swing can be used as a symbol of that? Yes, sometimes… Today, I will show an example for it.

220px-Jean-Honoré_Fragonard_023Jean Honoré Fragonard was born in French, 1732 and he was a painter who had Rococo manner. Even though he produced almost 550-600 paintings, there is a painting that is named as The Swing that I really like. As you see on the top of the page, It has an impressive contrast. When we look at to the scene, the first conspicuous in the painting is the girl. Her cloth and its color makes us blind. I am trying to say that she looks like pretty fantastic. So, there is no doubt, the most important character in the painting is the girl.

Her cloth tells us that she does not live in the country and she could run in the aristocrat’s family. Moreover, her sting’s cushion has a good quality and it could be a custom-designed for her. So, she is cherished by her husband. However, she interests with another man. Although the husband and the girl flirt with the sting, she looks toward the other guy who hides into the bush and she throws her shoes. But the other important thing here is the girl’s cloth. While she is throwing her shoes, her legs are seen by the man and this image gives us a sexual idea. Probably, the girl is really fanciable for the man. Therefore, we can understand that the relationship between girl and the man is forbidden. And also, the sculpture, that stays left, indicates the girl to be silent. Do you realise that the sculpture is Cupid who is responsible for love?

On the other hand, the contrast between the left and the right is different. The husband stays in darker place instead of the other man. This means that the girl does not live at will. But there are other scultures near to the husband. They are symbolizing the Kerub/Kerubim. We can infer that the girl revenges from her husband. So, the husband’s past is pretty tricky.

The last thing about the painting is the dog. Do you see that? It stays at right down and watches the girl. The only character, that has awareness about the situation, is the dog.

Alright Apple! What do you think about the painting? Is it a forbidden love, or? If you have any question, please do not hesitate to write a comment…

The Worm


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