The Prophet of the Future


Hello Apple! I will talk about Albert Caraco today. Do you know him? He was like Nietzsche, but more doomy and desperate.

I’ve met with Albert Caraco 8 years ago and he has come into my life with a huge depressive, hopeless and dark ideas about the life, world and humanity etc. Although he makes me depressive, I’ve always read his book Breviaire du Chaos many times until today. Because If you decide to read it, you will see that he shows the reality of existence with a pure language.

418hKjMHH1L._SX325_BO1,204,203,200_Albert Caraco was born in Istanbul, 1919 but he was originally French. He has written during his whole life. If I am not wrong, even though he has almost 20 or 25 volume books, only one book or two books were translated to English before; Breviaire du Chaos is the first book that it is translated to English. Caraco does not tell a story in the book, It is just a narrative text and this text does not make a commitment about the life. What is that supposed to mean? It means that, If you read the book to the end, you cannot move on anymore.

Caraco is called as a modern prophet today. There are tons of reasons to call him as a prophet. His predictions have come true and we are waiting for the others.

We all just consume, consume and consume. We all just reproduce endlessly. We all just vilify each other, and we always start new wars in every single day. However, the war and the system have the same meaning with each other in our age. In fact, we live in the age of death.

superman-ubermenschActually we cannot evade the death whatever we do. We can build a lot of skyscraper up to the moon, they will become our death. Moreover, we have turned into the earth to a worksite. But, these structures have created our insanity. The insanity has started to incubate under our structures. Yes Apple! We sell the death and insanity, but still we continue to trust our morals, system and money. These will not save us. We cannot escape from the last thing. In fact, Caraco has created his philosophy with these ideas. He does not have any superman theory like Nietzsche. Because according to Caraco, the humanity is not sufficient to comprehend that they are the main problem of the universe because of this reason, they will destroy the world together with thyself.

Our cities destroy the forests and everywhere will be turned into a desert. Now, we face with the death of the water. The next thing; we will annihilate the animals. After that, the air will be dead. But at last, the fire will take their revenge. The fire will be our punishment and we will die as fools, cruels and murderers.

Alright, Isn’t there anything for salvation? Yes, there is. When our structures are demolished, they will be our salvation. The salvation will become our gods, morals, virtues and faiths. Our guns and bombs will save us. These will clean us from the earth and we will be saved. If we live by knowing all of these things, there is no doubt, we are the conformists of the future.

Do you understand his despair Apple? All of these are his ideas and he definitely says the truth.

– The Worm


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