How Can We Read Venom’s Movie Poster?


Hello Apple! As you know, there are tons of villain characters both in literature and  cinema. Now, we are going to analyze one of them. Probably you watched Spider-Man’s cartoons and the movies or at least you’ve heard it before. In those cartoons and movies there was a character who was covered with the black costume. Do you remember him? Yes, you do! Then, we are ready to talk about him.

Firstly, I should say that, I have never watched Venom‘s trailers and also I will analyze the poster without thinkings other movies and cartoons about Spider-Man. So, this means that, I will just read  the poster of Marvel‘s new movie Venom!

When we look at the poster, we see a contrast between the man and the black creature and we understand that the black one encompasses the man’s body. However, we could say the opposite theory; the man tries to get rid of the black one. So he does not lose his body completely. How can we understand this opposition? The black creature‘s face makes you understand, It is really bad. Could it be the satanic form of the man? Perhaps… Because his skin color totally shows that It acts diabolically. Not just this, its left eye(for us) is like the satan’s horn. So, obviously It is really but really bad, evil and haunted. Additionally, we see a reflection on its left eye, but we cannot see what is going on there. Maybe a fire? What do you think Apple? Is it a fire?

What else about the black creature? When we focus on its teeth, we see huge things. So, that teeth supports our idea that it is a savage creature. However, there is no blood or similar things on its teeth. It has not killed or ate someone yet. It means, this is the first story about the black creature(villain) and the man. There is no any reference to the old movies or stories. Or at least ,we can say that it is not an anthropophagite.

The last thing about the villain is the dark sky. There is a difference between both sides. We understand that when he transforms, there will be some destructions or bad things.

Okay, let’s come to Tom Hardy. The first impression about him; he is a super-normal person. His beard and hairdo tells us, he has a normal life. And, his cloth is not a suit, he wears a casual dress. Therefore, we can assert that he is not a bold, undaunted or reckless person in the society. He likely works in an ordinary job, he is not a boss.

And, his eye brow has been shown as down, There is an opposition between the black creature and Tom Hardy. So, he is not an evil or haunted person and he never wants to transform, they are opposite characters. Do you see his eye? He looks like regretful and desperate. Is it related with our fire assertion? I think, he destroyed something while his transformation and now he is in pain for it.

Lastly, the weather is different as I said just now. The right side is more heartwarming compared to the left side. The life is not diabolic. And also, we understand that the story takes place in San Francisco but this not important for us. We should see that as a metaphor. The bridge symbolizes both characters. Yes, Although I said that the man does not want to transform, but there is a relation with the black creature. Probably we cannot understand what is the relation without watching the movie.

Well Apple, I wonder your ideas about the poster. If you want to talk about it, please do not hesitate write a comment.

The Worm


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