What Does Prometheus Show Us?


Hello Apple! Did you ever read or watch something about Prometheus before? Probably yes, you did! But, do you know what does Prometheus symbolize?

Firstly, we have to know that Prometheus is an ancient character and titan in Greek mythology even though his fame is a bit complicated because of several books, movies or articles. However, we could not incarcerate him in only one meaning. He is not just a titan or god, he is also one of the significant character for the humankind. Because of that, both his story and meaning was used many times in the all field of the art.

If we search Prometheus on the internet, we probably find some popular meanings about him. One of them is ”the Fire-Giver”. He is called as the fire giver because in the myth of Prometheus, he steals the fire from Zeus and gives it to the humanity. Here, the fire could be thought as ”knowlegde” nevertheless It also refers to the civilization. I have to say that in order to avoid any misunderstanding; there is no creation story of the world in the mythology. However If we do not consider creation as making something out of nothing, we could say that the fire symbolizes the creation. In fact we have to ask what does the fire mean without the creation? Actually Prometheus gives a sense to the humanity and this sense is the first meaning in the world. It makes the humanity like gods, just because of this reason Zeus punishes the titan. Before the fire-giver, the only lord of fire was Zeus, but now, the people keep it in their hand and It deifies them. Surely the humanity was not like Zeus, they just had particle of the god. There is a similarity between almost all Abrahamic religions and mythology. Yes Apple! You’ve heard corretly. For instance, the image of Prometheus is cast in the same mold with Jesus Christ, not only this, and also the relationship between the humanity and Jesus is totally same as the fire-giver. Jesus Christ is same as physically with the people but he is more powerful like Prometheus. The only difference between Jesus and Prometheus is that Jesus lived as homiform within the society, but the fire-giver did not.

The other sense of Prometheus is based on sexuality. Because, when the fire was discovered, the people lighted a fire with carving. In fact, we should know that the fire-giver had a different name that he was called as Pramantha which means the first carver and male genital organ. According to Karl Abraham, carving has a connotation with the sexuality. For a first impression of sexuality could be seen as incoherent but It has the same meaning with creation; the creation without coming out of nothing. So If we think in this manner, we could refer Prometheus as creator of the humanity.

Finally Apple, the fire is first image that we have to remember Pramantha. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask in the comment.

The Worm.


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